21 szn – divine infinite текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

b*tch this the year stand clear i adhere
i don’t speak on the business
i won’t leave a witness
i’m indignant
this my year, this the season
don’t give me a reason
spot him i deplete him
red beam him
i done left a stain bullet to his brain
i pulled up in his lane i pull up estranged

i post out to entertain
we spot him we red dot him
like a biker gang we mobbing
step in my way i’ll drop him
i’m c*cked and loaded
eyes on me they stalking on my page but never like me
b*tch this my year it’s exciting
through the years i had to shed tears
i shifted gears
b*tch i have the ruger i am nightmares freddy krueger
i’m allusive everything is retrogressive
there are things i need not speak about i need not to express this
i cherish life it’s expensive
i move in intensive
give me the hooka i have the thookas a whole lotta hooligans i act like a baffoon back in the day i used to wear fruit of the loom
now i have the jeans they custom fit just like my chick
and ethika on my d*ck
they tell me don’t act like a pr*ck i take a step back and i fix
all of these issues i may just need plenty of tissues

make shift make work that b*tches p*ssy wet when she twerk
redline energy red dot enemy i have issues plenty
many things i need not speak about
talkin sh*t watch me flip the script
runner runner mans with the rubber rubber bands
stunna stunna mans
a whole lotta things i repent
a whole lotta money i spent
a whole lotta hate i fixate
on me there slept i climbed up from a deep rest
in these songs i repress
from a deep depth death before dishonor
it’s the sound of the tempest it surrounds its relentless
i may need a dreadnought he’ll raises plain faced and all the lasers
there might be a headshot

- divine infinite текст песни