21st century devil – dødheimsgard текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

it has come to swallow the sea
it invades every being
it has come to consume the city
and it will complete me
it will give us all the answers
but tell us nothing
it will dance on our dead bodies
because we are the willing victims
it is myriad consciousness
of all arthritic love
it stole my laughter and joy
when it drowned the world

it is the future of seeing without looking
the great cosmic riddle
21st century devil

it is the hidden king
of unknown roads
it is the scars of a jiltеd lover
it relievеs the believers
with unmerciful magic
it is not eternity
it is not hope
it is the hum
it is the friction
it is here
it is there

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