2 am – don kelleo текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
2 am i slide on you (oh word)
sneaky link always got that time for you (for sure)
put you first put that saint laurent on you (of course)
gucci up when it’s always time for you (you know it)
that box different when i’m drilling from the back super soaking going crazy when i snap (d*mn)
designer only i can’t cap in my rap (dripping)
w the first time you let me tap (of course)
[verse 2]
f*ck them other hoes you mine its wrap put you in a benz seat back we relax i can never lack cuz i’m glued to my gat heard the opps plotting on me cut the check get them wacked (get them n*ggas outta here)
[verse 3]
why she begging me to put down the drugs
i told her i was gonna put the perks down i pick them up (i pick them up)
i really noticed she want me to change my ways but i can’t suborn in relationships don’t care don’t care about what you say
[verse 4]
it felt like a w when i first got my bag
imma hit it from the back why does she get so attached
but she know its a fact
that i’m never calling back
i didn’t fall in love with you fell in love with that ass bae
i put my feelings down in that ashtray
i’m grinding for the top spot
f*ck the last place
how many horses in that cat at the drag face
the medications picked me up
i was in a bad place

- don kelleo текст песни