1024(untitled) – donnie the dick текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(verse 1:donnie the d*ck)
not for this one x4
feeling my swag, feeling my swag i feel that
jump on a beat, jump on a beat i did that
donnie the d*ck, donnie the d*ck she feel that
‘donnie the d*ck’ she calling my name she feel that
your b*tch got no title, your b*tch is untitled
your b*tch is my sidekick she is my side chick
d*mn but you know me and b*tches

(verse 2: jxfiend)
why he breaking down the door
i bet you’d love to see the gore
it’s like a slasher movie
ultimatum set between the 2
a life you didn’t choose
withdrawals make me
you hate that
no clean slate
i’ve lost faith
don’t bite on bait
my birthday i do not rave
jump the wall they locked the gate
it’s a herb not a drug
don’t mix it up
somke it dry
trust me dawg
you gon feel it dog
donnie got it dog

- donnie the dick текст песни