1dea list – dr. bobby banner, mpc текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i just wanna be successful
that’s why i’m taking lines from hit songs
i can’t run, i eat, i need petrol
f*ck have i been waiting on for this long?
and i’ma miss y’all whenever i get on
whenever i diss noun, i get a bigger plause
i coulda been a floss rapper, conform to the sample
but i ain’t flossin’ and i can’t even afford to get dental
tired of lost cause and the falls and flaws
and then need the false involvement
with some rotten, bra*less sh*t
[?] by somebody, flawless doctor sh*t
man i need love, so somebody ought to offer it
i panic enough, i know that i ought to alter it
all too often get loss of confidence
y’all too soft for this, act too hard for this
tellin’ me what’s real but still can’t prove your god exists
you ain’t stop sh*t, so move i got this
you do not want me to get rude obnoxious
you ain’t pushin’ me around my dude, i do not mosh pit
i do unconsciously spew that hot sh*t
best i suck it up, get on my move, go [?]
and yes i f*ckin’ brush and comb my dude
don’t touch it

- dr bobby banner mpc текст песни