0-to-100/the catch up remix – dr. léon текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

verse 1:

you ready to hear me out?
all the lies man they coming out
i said i was a real one
y’all said i ain’t sh*t son
real dad i’mma real son
mom’s bad but i still got one
chief’s had it i still come
keep getting hurt i still cum
in class i blurted out the answer
but really did i even hear the question?
lies told disregarded all them blessings
no meat but i was still dressing
that’s that thanksgiving
i mean, no turkey at least it was still chicken
i’ll flip the bird it’s absurd was allergic to eggs
yet somehow that discounted the milk i was drinking
beg for another chance i was learning them lessons
back when people weren’t checking for teslas
tried to send some letters i wasn’t getting the message
got so many blessings but i’m complaining cause i’m stressing
about no facts all fiction my future i was guessing
would end up scarred up and all cut
from the head, toes. dead foes
laying all in my trunk
i got some dead clones, led phone
talks i was crushing
got two girls inside two worlds thought i was something
preferred death row, inside some bows and a hole
no rope to hang on so i stayed gone
i came and went but wasn’t ever gone…..
d*mn i came and went but i wasn’t ever gone
was by myself but nah was never alone
god one day is gonna show me up into my throne
not until my current king’s dethroned from my zone
ode to all the holes i’ve blown
gone from sipping vodka, drinking on whiskey i’m missing patron
that should tell you all the harbored bullsh*t that i be on
i want all the smoke so just pack up the cone
all good i’ve been sleeping n*gga
made a promise couldn’t keep it n*gga
we excellent and kings but we still n*ggas
when we gonna stop tearing down n*ggas?
when we gonna stop using this word n*ggas?
we are negus eygptian kings n*gga
n*gga comes from the word n*gga
called us n*ggers cause they couldn’t think quicker
called us n*ggers cause they read up on our scriptures
said we was the force to take down
why you think we hating on each other now?
back then the trend to stick together is the very thing that allowed us to sever all the contesters
we gotta show that love to our ancestors
i’ll tell you what
you put me back into that time i wouldn’t give a f*ck
i would shoot them up and die fighting for my message
we can’t even congregate with the cops being called
not a lot of black businesses so we just stall
we buy the new jordans buy the new kicks
but that man that own that sh*t ain’t fighting for these kids
get these f*ckers out
got black billionaires but don’t see the money being spread out

a lot of bullsh*t i’m tryna air it out
you see what i’m about?

verse 2:
we destroying ourselves before we having e a chance
was told if music was played that i should dance
tried to fix all my former decisions i got lanced
tried weed after i got straight a’s was tranced
didn’t need to be in choir to pop all them bands
ain’t talking cash i’m talking yu*gi*oh cards
i stand behind every man even if a wo’s attached with it
wouldn’t wish my life upon my worst critics
popped sh*t onto everything i’ve ever owned
didn’t know it was my life i thought that it was loaned
i guess it is what it is i wasn’t like them kids
they all cried cause of missing parents i faked the sh*t
just a list of what i did just to feel a feeling of feeling belonged
drank, smoked, i drove my license it wasn’t ever gone
threw up listening to toni, tony, tone
that’s how i pr*nounced it
when it came to thinking i was bouncing
off the walls put sh*t on walls it was nothing
held me till i was aroused
that was all me
cried for your mentions
my electrocution wasn’t execution
chest was small i was reckless
screaming i cracked my head on the crackhead wall just to see him smile
kept pulling my pants down yo look they laughing now
i’m getting that attention
saying life is a b*tch instead of a beach
was cracking jokes wanted to punch the kid in the throat for messing

let me talk to ‘em don’t cut the beat
growing up i treated myself like frieza
i purposely dumbed myself down to hang around people of the same age
i always got along with older people because my mind was in a different place
pops always said hold 25% back in everything you do
just in case you needed to pull out you got something left
i created my base form, 25%, 50%, 75%
i then made it a wish to fuse with myself
making 75% my base form being a requirement for this fusion to happen
once it does, i master 75% and can tap into 100% power
self*actualization is the name of the game
yet, i found i just kept pushing my capabilities to the wayside to run away from being alone
i wasn’t taught in the correct way to be alone. by the time my pops got to me it was too late
i was already filled with hate by that time and too jaded to keep up
year after year i kept losing myself more and more until i’m staring at my back
like my facebook profile picture. this is “the catch up”
in order to catch me i gotta turn my back on everything else
this project is me airing it all out
let it all go now or deal with it in the next life
lay on the pedal baby, fix yourself project, day x
doesn’t matter how long it takes, start that journey
because that’s what i’m doing
borealis, aka aurora, co. love it man
respect that

- dr leon текст песни