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подождите пожалуйста...

i don’t talk about it
rather be about it
they just see me floating
they ain’t see me drowning

used to dream of days when it would turn around
and turn an interview into a hundred thousand

always been the same. they tryna find a route
this sh-t ain’t different now just cuz they call it clout

and i remember days
i spent on skyler’s couch
cuz all the drugs i did
they wouldn’t let me out (its like)

adios to my soul
say what ever my brain want
never know until you know…
i guess we’ll know when that day come

same kid that’s since day one
same flow nah we ain’t change nothing
paid the price we finally breaking even
i pray to jesus christ we break some bread this evening

i put in time on time so you can check the watch
my homies florida state we yelling f-ck lacoste
cuz i done dreamed the days of rocking saint laurent
so we go live the nights of yelling f-ck the cost

it ain’t a b-tch alive that ain’t go talk me up
because i’m great with pops but i ain’t give a f-ck
and wouldn’t give him one if i had one to give
you either walk the talk or you go let me live

i got the same flow its always in my head
its all the same hoes that end up in my bed
i grab the rain coat and hoping in my sled
so if it rain or snow you still go end up dead (its like)


no one go p-ss you the torch
they just go p-ss you the blunt
wake up and hit that sh-t once
i been this fire since the jump
now i wake up and do what i want

ain’t got the funds but we stunt
some you go call that a flex
don’t care i came for they necks and wound up with a check
i fall asleep at my desk cuz i’m tired of hearing i’m next

i’m not inspired i’m stressed
built my empire for less
then it cost you to pay for you meds
talk even cheap when you dead
i chose to sell those instead

you wake to stack up some debt
i never sleep my eyes red
it’s been years since i had my own bed

if you push me i’ll fall off that ledge but i’m dragging you strait to the depths till that crown on my head…

(random freestyle singing that make you wanna dropkick your teacher here)

- drex carter текст песни