30000 ft – drv sf текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(verse 1)

30,000 feet up with no room to put my feet up
i’m entreated to the feelin that i gotta take a leak
and so i bug the sleeping people to my left to let me leap up
‘til some testy attendant tells me to stay in my seat
no relief in the air, wish i was back on the street
stretch my legs, smoke a peg and get relaxed as this beat
but instead i’m in my head, holding it, gritting my t–th
i guess i’m stuck here for the moment, man what happened to me?
is cabin fever a dream? wish i was following mine
but i done went with practicality in this turbulent time
got a degree i thought would please me now i wanna rewind
so now i put less into finding work than working my rhymes
“eli you’re gonna be fine!” that’s what my friends say
“what did you apply to this time”, that’s what my ‘rents say
and i don’t even blame em, though each day just feels the same
and i’m getting tired of whining “i’m still looking” with nothing cooking, anyway i’m

30000 feet up
yeah, yeah, yeah i’m 30000 feet up
yo you know i’d love to meet
uh uh, but right now i’m 30000 feet up

(verse 2)
30,000 feet up forced to fend for my myself
against these demons i prefer dormant and locked on the shelf
but unfortunately they’ve been waxing abhorrent since 4 in the morning
so once more, welcome back to my dark and stormy solo performance
fly like a pair of air jordan’s
fly like 90s sugar ray or lenny k was boarding
flying lying here fixated on finding importance
in my day to day once i land, cuz man this shift is enormous
my gal is gorgeous, intelligent, been together a year
but in ten more days she moves north to start her career
and i try not to let my thoughts be dictated by fear
but i feel distance already finding the future unclear
we’ll try to talk every day, but it’s still a significant change
and what if it just ain’t the same, talking with nothing to say
right now i’m feelin like i’m jimmy page, breaking down communique
but this ain’t the hindenburg, this is just a plane and still i’m

30000 feet up
yeah, yeah, yeah i’m 30000 feet up
yo you know i’d love to meet
uh uh, but right now i’m 30000 feet up

30,000 feet up, what if this verse was my last
what if this storm doesn’t p-ss, what if the engines run out of gas and this m-ssive p-ssenger plane was destined to crash
the pilot trying to save our -ss but it’s falling too fast
or is it just me that’s falling, everything out of my grasp
i need to pull myself together, how much time has elapsed?
i’m feeling trapped, am i sitting in my casket, plastic seat
trying to sleep with no mattress, succ-mbing to the madness
just saw my uncle for the last time
the cancer’s spread from him chest to the rest of him and i
couldn’t let him see me cry so i tried my best to keep a smile on and p-ss time
while my facade is just that, a flat lie, i’m not fine
mothers always worrying and fathers ambivalent
and i try my best to mediate so fighting is limited
but it’s hard to intervene when no side is innocent
and they try to make the other vilified like an immigrant
still they brush it off later, never laying ultimatums
only building frustrations to reference on different occasions
i know they both mean well, you know i love em outrageous
but seeing em romantic would be crazier than nicholas cage is
maybe that’s why i worry so much on my relationship
probably for the best i’m coming off of this vacationing
h-ll, i’m still just tryna find out what to make of it
all, so if this plane does fall, just know a part of me’s still

30000 feet up
yeah, yeah, yeah i’m 30000 feet up
yo you know i’d love to meet
uh uh, but right now i’m 30000 feet up

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