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swing a bat like craig biggio
i’m chiefing like a seminole
i made a f-cking c-sserole with tabs of weed and oxys, ho
fed it to your b-tch til she cramped in her abdominal
and when i asked your mom, she said, “that kid’s f-cking phenomenal!”
i don’t need help, won’t stick my hand out
knocked her man out
then l!cked the cl-t til toes were fanned out
considered as a stand-out
cause i’m a little different
women tell me i’m gifted
wifey, girlfriend and mistress

best lyricist in the rap game
all of y’all are just too plain
i’m like drunk and high at the same time, drinking—
whoops sorry, that’s 2 chainz
whoops, sorry you’re too lame
this beat makes me go insane
got a college chick sucking my d-ck
i guess i call that 2 brainz
she got a friend, told her tag along
stay at my place like vagabonds
stay at my place, show me tats and thongs
stay at my place, where your -ss belongs
bag some broads, give em sacks and dongs
but i don’t really like to brag on songs

what you worried about?
i’m probably everything you heard about
ooh, you know the stories true
that’s why the shorties move like they got more to prove
down on the ocean blue, we’ll take a florida cruise
have a swim and have a snorkel, too
eat a million shrimp
yo, that’s word to pimp
you know we got that iodine poisoning too
let’s go canoein’
straight pocahontas, you know how we do it
let’s go parasailing
twenty thousand feet, you know we crazy
man on the moon, straight floatin’
can’t even see where the boat is
anyone who say they ball as hard
as i ball is lying, it’s straight bogus

[bridge: andrew]
all out
talkin’ bout
roll up and the shorties all shout
yeah, they know what the motherf-ck is up
black silk
red bottoms
fresh bills
yeah we got em
we know what the motherf-ck is up
like what you heard? come by tonight
no bullsh-t, you’re mighty fine
gonna blow it up like dynamite
you bout it, right?
yeah, you know what the motherf-ck is up
stackin’ that paper tableside
every night is ladies night
and you lookin’ like an angel might
yeah, you know what the motherf-ck is up

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