3304 – el meecho текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i made like 50,000 with this phone number
high school i was hittin l!cks ain’t go to homecoming

remember i almost got backdoored by my own cousin
all because i said no he wanted to hold somethin

go to court i pay my lawyer i dont stress about it
iont play about my money you get stretched about it

i ain’t never been no snitch no you can ask about me
omerta tatted on my finger ain’t no rats around me

-changes to higher pitch –

me and my b-tch just flew to vegas wit like 20 on us
n-ggas sayin dat we beefin but be runnin from

i got blue tips in the carbine yea a 100 of em
on my unborn everytime we slide we crushin somethin

heard dey k!lled your homies and you still ain’t crushin nothim
spent all dat money on pistols and ain’t bustin nothin

your baby mother keep on callin dont be wantin nothin
just took her and your kids to disney world we had lotta fun

just bought a scat pack can’t wait till i get da demon
seen my first 100 bands i thought i was dreamin

dey said meecho got no money dont believe him
dey just be hatin for no apparant reason

his b-tch in my call log
she said he prayin dat i fall off
i might walk down wit da sawed off
have em runnin like dey playin dodge ball

drink so much lean dat i knod off
never beefin bout a broad dawg

5 on a n-gga 20 on his family
k!ll his kids and knock his broad off

(i ran it up inda streets i ran it up inda trench yea
i just got off a few bags and i didn’t even need a bench yea

dese rap n-ggas be wrestlers ima call dese n-ggas ric flair
yea i been buyin dem pounds but i been had brick fare )x2

they ask me what i get in school a’s and b’s no i was gettin p’s

- el meecho текст песни