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подождите пожалуйста...

ima just be honest

[verse 1]
let me take you back to 2015
when i was bullied at school
i wasn’t cool i wasn’t liked
i was different with adhd and
autism so it was hard trying to
fit in but the bullying got so bad
that i really didn’t wanna go to
school so i skipped playing ps4
all day everyday it was lit
but when i returned to school
the sh*t got even worse so let
me take you to 2017 when i
had dreams of being a rapper
so i got involved with the summer
diss track season but i wasn’t sure
how to write my mom goes it alright
you will learn then my lead
started to burn because i was
skipping school to work on music
but all my peers doubted me
because all i wanted was the
clout from the diss tracks so
i stopped until 2019 rolled around
i dropped out of college to
become a rapper ive worked
hard ever since but it didn’t work
so i wrote my name on a grave stone
they like lucas why your lyrics getting
deeper i guess you will find out on grim

- enderspitsvenom текст песни