2020 – phase i – epiclloyd текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: epiclloyd]
los angeles
march 14th, 2020

[verse 1: epiclloyd]
it’s the pandemic, day three
all the streets and the shelves looking empty, it’s eerie
it never rains in l.a
but for the past three days, it’s been drizzling and grey
school’s canceled for all grades
college campuses shut down, sick days getting waived
people cashing in their 401ks
this sh*t’s scary and it’s just the third day

[interlude 1: epiclloyd]
march 16th, 2020

[verse 2: frak]
pandemic, day five
still rain from a grey sky, i swear i seen l.a cry
it’s not a jokin’ title when we stranded on these lonely islands
been in the crib so long i’m feeling homicidal
the old and the sick tryna focus on their own survival
while a bunch of kids on tiktok tryna go corona*viral
starin’ in my open fridge in a lonely kitchen
been sittin’ so still i swear i am gettin’ slow*motion sickness
so now they ask for free tests when their folks are trippin’?
guess they only need socialism when there’s social distance
ayy, but if they still don’t give us healthcare yet
rip me off some toilet paper as a welfare check
i’m gone
[interlude 2: freshy k*n*l]
march 21st, germany
still hearing the same stuff, nothing has changed

[verse 3: freshy k*n*l]
i see this kind of as a break from all the duties
but it doesn’t make it easier for struggles that go through me
and i’m happily at home, ’cause for me, it’s kinda casually
but i’m scared of all the tragedies that could happen to my family
i wanna hear something new, this constant circle is hurting me
the first time since erb, they put the ‘germ’ into germany
the tv got nothing to celebrate, i know it’s important to educate
but why is it called ‘news’ when i heard the same sh*t yesterday?
i’m sick of the increasing panic, but i know it’s gonna get bad if
we do not appreciate all the alarm and the number of people gets massive
taking the classes on my computer and praying to god that i’m gonna get past this
but i believe that, soon, the streets are gonna get back to being active

[verse 4: scru face jean]
look, march 23rd and this quarantine is now boring me
i see they h**rdin’ things while there’s people that can’t afford a thing
i bet the loiterin’ ‘gon turn to looting when we forced to sin
but i’ma force a grin ’cause i’m ‘gon smile even when forced to bend
while whorish men be evil, exploitin’ people that’s bordered in
jacking up the prices, ’cause while in crisis, you’re forced to spend
economy is dropping, a trending topic to some
i look at trump, like f*ck, this more like the blind is leading the dumb
but i’m cynical f political topics is getting critical
social distance till this improves, got us shoppin’ in intervals
but, d*mn, i’m just a man, so i’m doing all that i can
we can feed the needy with cans and make content to feed the fans
but, man, we ‘gon need something better from uncle sam
and when this all over, hope that we closer in the end
[interlude 3: justgamer]
vietnam, march 25th
three months of quarantine

[verse 5: justgamer]
in the current situation, people aching to leave their homes
for me, it’s been thirteen weeks of feeling weak and alone
i’m thankful for my safety, but i’m running out of tasks
mother nature, give life a shot, or is that too much to ask?
every hour feels so long, yet each day keeps spinning on
the news telling me every choice humans make is wrong
always been told i got a future and that’s why i’m living
but since when has ‘barely living’ become such a difficult mission?
not long ago, climate change was the hottest threat, and yet, i forget
your life’s a change, so roll the dice and make a bet, no sweat
i’ma run and jump through every single hurdle
but is it worth being in an isolated and desolate world?

[interlude 4: jb grimes]
ayo, [?]
love you, i’m going—going to work, yeah

[verse 6: jb grimes]
march 30 second for thirty days (yeah)
essentially, i’m needed for work, we eatin’ great (yeah)
they locking down the state, these people wait with time off (yeah)
the opposite of future with my mask on
everybody wanna go live, i scribble more (uh huh)
covid*19, the freshman plus four (uh, uh, yeah)
police start spazzin’, public start marchin’ (spazzin’, marchin’)
pull my h*rn for the protests, let ’em know that we locked in (ah!)
at work, i’m thinking of ways to prove to y’all (y’all)
i wanna teach my nephew how to throw a ball ([?])
i wanna show my daughters what a man is
i wanna buy my forever house, so let this man live
[interlude 5: epiclloyd]
i don’t know what day this is
uh, i know what the date is though, today is april 5th
it’s josie’s birthday today
we had a zoom party… phbtt!

[verse 7: carly x]
it’s april 10th, yeah, you can tell that it’s friday
the way this virus came and deebo’d 2020 up sideways, for real
i needed something, pulled up my mask on to the rite aid
the line was longer than a flight from jfk to zimbabwe
been on zoom straight for five days, just tryna focus in class
but my mind keeps on racing, yo, how the f*ck i’m ‘gon pass?
lost my job, i’m feeling bad and cooped, i think i’m ‘gon crash
mind half empty, just how i stop now and look at the glass
mask on like aku aku, but honestly, i feel played
college quick to take money yet so stingy to give an a
no unemployment, no stimulus, now my pocket’s underweight
but i’m still thanking god i’m not one of many to die today

[verse 8: vi seconds]
brooklyn, april 12th, as it got into motion
all my booty calls been quarantined, so i’ve kept my lotion
been hearing of death all over the world, wishing for a potion
that’ll cure this whole disaster before i jump in the ocean
i’ve been struggling, trying to find my balance during this solitude
a one man game like solitaire, not that it’s something i wanna do
but it’s something that i gotta do, feeling lost and i ain’t got a clue
thinking of ways for me to build, luckily, i know i got the tools
been rapping my ass off, trying to blast off
connecting syllables together ’cause there’s a shortage of cash, dawg, oh, what a sad thought
it ain’t all bad bruh, been hearing birds and i’m letting ’em sing
and, i kid you not, hand sanitizing after everything
feels like day nine million, hoping god will show me why
watching old highlights tryna cope with the fact that kobe died
and i’m ’bouta start grippin’ at tec
’cause i can’t even buy my boxers with this stimulus check

[interlude 6: crypt]
april 15th, the governor has shut down my business
but is still forcing me to pay rent at a place that i can’t make money at

[verse 9: crypt]
yo, a week ago, i was rappin’ on stages
hundreds in the crowd rappin’ every word that i’m saying
between the shows, stoppin’ at some restaurants to grab a bite
hearin’ more about corona every day and every night
we didn’t think that this was real, it’s just a load of sh*t
until a low percent showed of our sold*out south dakota ticks, bro, what’s this?
three hundred sold, only forty attend, what a pinch
now we going home broke as sh*t with corona symptoms
can’t go get tested, telling me to quarantine or i’ll die
and the kentucky governor just shut down my job, ’cause he said i’ve got more than ten people inside
but if you go to walmart, there’s ten guys in each aisle, ten lines at any time
i guess that covid only matters when your status isn’t high and you’re the little guy, huh?

[interlude 7: nafrini]
april 18th, 2020

[verse 10: nafrini]
it’s been twenty*four days since they said “stay at home”
people losing their minds, wanna hit the streets and roam
they out protestin’, saying it’s a hoax
but i guess you’ll do anything just to see your folks
when you walk in the stores and the shelves all empty
my inner mom flips, i need stuff for my baby
need milk, wipes, diapers, food
it’s taken everything in me not to act a fool
and i’m stuck in the house with my man all*day
throwing off my routine ’cause he’s usually away
in the office, working hard, paying these bills
i pray to god it don’t affect him, how we ‘gon deal?
poker face on, but my anxiety is peaking
pop some cbd before i start tweaking
singing sad songs like the phantom of the opera
let me go meditate, realign my chakras

[verse 11: keyblade]
uh, it’s been a month and a half
and i don’t know what to do with all this time that i have
i barely laugh, i feel lonelier every day
and i don’t think that all this mess will be done before end of may
i made a mistake, or that’s what i think at least
i went early to canarias, my girl stayed in madrid
and we haven’t been dealing well with this sh*t
we fight and we cry several nights every week
it is what it is, at least here it’s not that bad
the diseases hasn’t affected my mom or my dad
or anyone that i know, these islands are doing fine
so maybe we don’t have to stay much longer confined
spending some time outside will surely clear my mind
i don’t know for sure, but i gotta give it a try
that’s why i’ll find the way to get this pressure off my chest
by doing what i do best: writing rhymes to rest from the stress

[verse 12: epiclloyd]
may 19th was supposed to be nice
we saw some family for the first time in a long while tonight
i got in a screaming fight with my buddy’s wife, i got no memory why
i think the wiring in my head’s not quite right
i been getting irrationally p*ssed and erratically livid, i’ve had it with all these dramatic opinions
your self*righteous posts are one*sided, your highness, so go f*ck your mask and go f*ck your virus!
you can stay in confinement if you’re so f*cking frightened, with your panicky ranting on facebook and whining!
you political b*tches are what makes me sick, using your kindergarten kids as your bargaining chips, f*ck!
i listen to myself, i don’t even know who this is
this constant sense of conflict infects my subconsciousness
i’ve lost my friends and my family and my cat and my business
i’ve witnessed vanished marriages and sober living conditions
i’m kissing folks i love goodbye on every side of this sh*t
i can’t believe we found a way to get divided by this
i’m crying, i’m split, i’m dying, i’m p*ssed, i drink like a fish
my limit’s been hit, we’re a train wreck, how much worse can this get?

[outro: epiclloyd]

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