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Songtext von i’m not cool – eric hutchinson lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

i’m not cool

i’m not cool
and n-body would want me that way
i’m just a regular guy
in an insane world
don’t worry bout me
i’ll be ok

[verse i]
it was a picture perfect day
i hit the freeway in la
driving a car you’d only see in a movie

became my once and future self
with all the style and the wealth
surrounded by the people who wanna use me

and then it came an epiphany
from somewhere out of the car
i never saw him crash into me
but i know how i got home
in a tow truck all alone
now i know

[verse ii]
i went out drinking in new york
with bottle service just for sport
pretending i was living life like a hero

flashing the labels on my clothes
trying to keep up with the bros
talking bout bank accounts and leaving off zeros

and when that bill came i could not breathe
never saw numbers that high
so much for living in infamy
acting flush was not that hard
till i maxed out all my cards
now i know

cool people maybe they’re just born with it
they know the trends before they’re here
and i’m sick of trying cuz they’re no denying
that’s there’s nothing cool about my atmosphere

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