2019 (im broke and have no sex freestyle) – ​ericdoa текст песни

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not gonna lie, b*tch i’m upset
2019, ain’t have no bread
2019, ain’t have no s*x
wonder why i am depressed
my d*ck shoot blanks like it’s a tec
a couple things that you’ll never know
d*ck broken on the [?]
couple b*tches you know i gotta let em go
for this song yeah i’m sorry for romeo
ay, i wear the same sh*t everyday
cap in my songs, i’m not getting paid
i don’t have no b*tches, i’m not getting laid
talking to girls, you know i’m afraid
please tap in i’m in so much pain
you got opens and features, know i wanna pay
i ruined this beat, i’m sorry to slay
this money i had, this how much i weigh
never mind, b*tch i’m p*ssеd off
everyday getting p*ssed on
[?] hе said sh*t on
she dm’d me then i dipped out
ay, 2020 and i’m trynna go harder
i’ve been saving for a necklace that literally only costs $100, jesus f*cking christ
yeah, ain’t havin’ no s*x, no
ay, don’t count no bread, no
ay, got wired headphones
she make my head [?], yeah
all my friends, got designer they fit
look at me, i still wear the same sh*t
to be honest, i might start hitting l!cks, ay
i’m more than two digits in my bank
[?] too much food, it got to my [?]
last week some reason, i bought paint
so broke, boy, i might just faint
i’ve been wearing the same t*shirt, for like seven days
gettin’ money, i’ll find 7 ways
say it one more time, i’m in so much pain
alright but in all seriousness, thank you all for an amazing 2019, i appreciate everything thats done, uh, this song is not a joke, like everything i said was deadass serious, um yeah, let’s get more money and have more s*x i guess

- ericdoa текст песни