2020 (im not as broke as i was and i had sex freestyle) – ​ericdoa текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
yeah, 2020, got my chips set
2020, i had big s*x
ooh, 2020, i got my guap up
yeah, uh, 2020, i got my c*ck sucked
it’s 2020 and still some bullsh*t gonna pop up
tryna give us names, they still don’t know what to call us
y*yeah, this a big team, you can’t stop us
ayy, y’all still coming with me even if i guap up
new year, but the same people that hate me
don’t know what ya’ll been on lately
talk on twitter but won’t face me
i moved out my crib, yeah
hennessy, gon’ take a sip, yeah
lotta stuff changed but it’s still the same sh*t, yeah
my meat still broken
blowing up, yeah, b*tch, i’m hoping
people kinda buying opens
suck my d*ck is still my slogan
2020, i still don’t f*ck with seaworld
2020, got in beef about a egirl
i just said “hey lol”
i hope that bro doin’ well
i’m with my limes, shout out wells
i met the bros irl
my ex still think that i’ma assh0l*, this sh*t trash bro
this music sh*t no longer bad though, i saw ash grow
couple close friends died, not gon’ lie, that sh*t hurt bro
couple close friends lied, they got what they deserve though
eighteen, no one said it’ll be easy
eighteen, no one said i’ll have ed
yeah, picture perfect, my future in 3d
2020, i hope someone’s gonna need me

[verse 2]
hold up lil’ bro, this sh*t like to get crazy
i used to work at a country club and they haven’t paid me
senior year i was thinking ’bout joining the navy
now every time i drop a song, yeah, they f*cking pay me
a couple women tried to play me
yeah, a couple b*tches tried to save me
haha, that sh*t didn’t work, yeah, i know i’m not alright
y*yeah, instagram live, i got flamed two times
ayy, speaking of ig, this week getting verified
lot’s of labels f*cking with me, very fye
i got flown out for the first time and i liked it
posted selfies on twitter and bad b*tches liked it
i had main goals, passed it
call me sad rabbit
somehow passed all my classes
i don’t want sh*t, i have it
bros got placements
kimj moved into the bas*m*nt
people still on lame sh*t
but i found a way to take it
alright, this song is mad long but i hope everyone’s doing well, uh, i’m very proud of everybody this year, ya’ll crazy
there’s a lot of more things that happened, but i can’t fit it all into one song but yeah
thank ya’ll, love you

- ericdoa текст песни