30 for 30 freestyle – f. mills текст песни

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[verse 1: f. mills]
i see its time to set the record straight i never hate
too busy showing love
why you steady take
show you what’s up in my heart
let me meditate
but actions all i demonstrate
see that’s ya problem i guess you’d just rather seal ya fate
new beginnings i stay winning from start
women grinning i may start sinning look at the god
not flashy
still not one can p-ss me
empty compliments but my drive is all that could gas me
treasure to most, but some calling me trashy
i’m just to complex they ask me
how could you come from this cl-ss see
well, i was student
just watching em flashing
she said you think you just fancy
i told her woman don’t s-ss me
well, my resilience it mimics my brilliance
while i’m up in my feelings, i’m merely filling my millions
i mean up to the ceilings
hey mama look at her chillins
when i’m finished i want em all to still give her this feeling
oldest, but though i’m willing to shift all my focus to the youth it just seem like they hopeless
through my music yes i’m talking to you
yes i’m talking to the youth
though i’m solo in this booth
youngins still brush it off like they holding on to a tooth
love em all hope my energy will transcend
and follow my words til this land end
i sat and visualized about all of this sh-t out on my landing
while i sip my coffee with b-tter and oh it’s blended (bulletproof)
my life is so splendid
wronging my rights so it’s rightful just how i spend it
taught the rifle my best friend
broken hearts never mended
stay dolo in this world when you solo i recommend it
no loyalty fakes’ll fold on you
stay focused handle ya business
these haters come outta nowhere so f-ck all that
best friend sh-t
we either brothers or don’t know each other
this world is crazy so let’s grow together
i told her baby oh i’m feeling us
she said the distance really k!lling us
how could you say these things
guess i’m riding this sh-t alone
its just the way that it seems
i’m out riding this sh-t alone
its just the way that it seems, it seems

- f mills текст песни