2012 sway in the morning freestyle – fashawn текст песни

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[verse 1: fashawn]
ace of spades to po’
more papes to blow
’nuff haze to roll
lace the flow
then embrace the taste of dough
then vacate on a sp*cious boat
when the pen hits the paper many men meet their maker
no more props, i want properties and acres
crib in jamaica, b*tches in venezuela
clientele keepin’ dipped in the latest
uh, i’m twisting papers like it’s origami
i’m tryna whip the porsche with the gorgeous mami
n*gga, i burn the torch then i toss the body
find the aroma in the loft, it ain’t hard to find me
young efe, crooked letter
who do it better?
i shred ’em with the beretta, nicca
uh, off the top of the dome and i be rockin’ this microphone
break ’em down like styrofoam, yeah
soon as i recite the poem
n*ggas know i’m nice at home
n*ggas know i’m nice in ny to ca
we fly like paper planes, the gang
[verse 2:murs]
there ain’t no difference between a g*ngb*nger
and malcom x,its the same anger
just misdirected now neighbourhoods infected
i gotta speak the truth by the youth i’ve been selected
look, so presidential still rep my residential, yeah
90019 is my credential
a true artist, brought rap to the museums
mike bring the raiders back to the coloseum
they say he’s so black that it’s hard to see him
but i’m smiling in my pictures word to morgan freeman
i do it for the glory, it’s for the almighty
take 50 sins and make millions worth of chris lighty
this rap game yo it’s truly been a blessing homie
so i gotta be a blessing through a testimony
i made it through, and you can make it too
give it all you you got and now there’s nothing they can take from you

[verse 3: chris webby]
webby back up in this b*tch
runnin at the f*cking [?]
proud to be american huh? f*ck the government
the president ain’t doing sh*t and everybody knows
our f*cking country is run by corporations ceos
tell me how they’re locking people up for 20 bags of ‘dro
the people making laws are the biggest criminals on the glow
feelin’ this different now tham i’m old enough to see right through the media
search to find the truth through all the bullsh*t that they feedin’ us
kids today will learn what they know from wikipedia
and take whatever pills the f*ckin’ doc says you needin’ ya
generation rx, now i’m f*ckin’ dependent on attention medication cause i been on ’em since i was seven
we need adderal to wake up and ambien to sleep
vicodin to ease the pain and steroids if you’re feeling weak
and everybody in the street on the phone like they don’t give a d*mn
kid are learning social sk!lls from facebook and instagram
so i light up a doobie and exhale
blowing smoke up in they sky while i’m looking at chemtrails
but grimy politicians [?] my impredictions
i’m like “f*ck it” let me just enjoy my time while i’m livin’, yuh

- fashawn текст песни