0202 – fearlessmenace текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

verse 1:
acid in my system
lost some b*tches but i don’t miss them
this the mission that i’m chasing
with the money that i’m making
this no sh*t i can be faking
now i’m on another planet
b*tch was never trippy why she gotta panic
so i’m out this f*cking hoe
paranoia got me looking around
in the town got me feeling upside down
liquor in the cup making sure the sh*t is crown
hating on my people cause our skin is brown
i need to get sober
i don’t know when all this sh*t will be over
but i keep on pushing cause i want the rover
i don’t need you in my life is what i told her
then i took her home “you what!” then i boned hеr
make up s*x is always the bеst
p*ssy soaking leaking from her dress
we the best in the west
i don’t think you’d guess
this lyrical sh*t coming from a g*nius
i need to stop thinking with my f*cking p*n*s
tryna fly to venus tryna act like you don’t see us
yeah im from the 303
tryna sell out arenas
where we don’t give a f*ck
i’ll run up on you in your motherf*cking truck
don’t get it twisted i ain’t down with the violence
don’t talk about me keep quiet
you don’t know me
why you lying?
k!lling all these beats i’m on
with this rhyming
k!lling all the f*cking flows with the
sh*t ain’t pretty even if it’s shining

verse 2:
the world going crazy
history repeats it self on the daily
tryna make another change in the world
but they don’t say the
real problems that we have
cops k!lling people cause they black
what the f*ck is going on? drop acid not bombs
i wish we could all get along

verse 3:
making b*tches ponder with this rhyme scheme
i’m just getting high hoe
don’t mind me
see i rarely ever think
when i get a f*cken drink
words will slip through my head like
a semi automatic
when i blast it i don’t cap it
trapped in bars like a prison cell
i don’t do this sh*t for anyone but myself
i’m feeling better now
better hand me the crown
or else you’ll end up in the ground
with no one to be around
man i spit that fire sh*t
on my application rap is my proffesion
i had to let this b*tch know i ain’t messing
around when i say pass me my brown
or be quiet cause i hate the sound
now i’m feeling pretty down
b*tches love the cash guess why they
around me
i can’t stand you fake rappers repping gangs proudly
i’m just out here doubling your salary
making b*tches all around pouty
whipping on a foreign i ain’t talking audi
i’m just out here cutting checks
nutting on b*tches br**sts
it’s the best for the stress
that i deal with from being the best
from the f*cken west
mann i thank god that i woke up
i thank god again then i toke up
what the f*ck do you know ?
bout the mothaf*cka coming from the snow
5280 is the elevation but i’m feeling 666,000 tho

- fearlessmenace текст песни