’06 exodus – filip filipi текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

verse 1

fighting on arrival, fighting for survival
taken from our land and brought to this b*tch like it said in the bible
taken to chicago, taken to toronto
shipped like human cargo, escape the american embargo
murciélago, f*ck a gallardo
she pretty as a rose, from her head to her toes
but she got her th*rns, she shallow
you dreamed her, i seen her
unrobed, without her clothes
american, this b*tch so cold

verse 2

back from canadian exile
my set wild
and my tech project projectiles
i got gasoline coming out my pores
imma torch
i got glasses like that white boy scott storch
and a porshe
and i hit em up hit em up
yes of course
top down in that carrera and i floss
just because
like the pied piper in that viper
yes i does
gun lessons 3 years old
yes i was (yes i was)
in the jungle we was tarzan
in the serengeti lions
die and go to the sky and zion
when the bridge fell nije bio london (don don don)
when they come with the guns
ti cekaj s’bombom (sa bombom yeaaaaaaaaah)

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