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подождите пожалуйста...

( raquel )
i’m off on one
tell ’em that it’s on son
kick sh-t, legs swing like nun chucks, got hands like yamcha
gone off that berry ganja
now this is torture cause imma turn into a monster
the devil said he want me on his team
god calling i can hear ’em but i can’t see
i ignore em both, but them n-ggas get me in my dreams
i gotta nearly od just to get a little sleep
i can’t eat
unless you counting beats then i’m feasting
the beast in me creeping
waiting for a reason
these n-ggas can’t leave me
they hoping that i fall off seasonally
i must be a heathen, or a savior cause they stopped believing they ain’t got no faith in her
told ’em that i do it on the tregular
put it in your trachea
some n-ggas ready with the heat
a n-gga got the lettuce i don’t beef
i bet we gon’ eat
shout out to that diamond in the dirt
gas pack shawty know we got that work
i’m the motherf-cking worst
cause imma steady hitting ’em where it hurts
i ain’t never had sh-t so i splurge
i’m flashy
your favorite rapper ?
boy don’t ask me for ’em
unless it’s tink raquel i swear to god i don’t know ’em
i’ll k!ll ’em
and they won’t put me in the ring with ’em
on my grind boy, and i ain’t trying to share the scene with ’em
what you mean quitter ?
never stopped, probably never will
when i die bury me in my grill
hashtag trill
n-gga keep it true
keep it real
i just want the fame foreal
f-ck a mil
f-ck a deal
i’m so nautical
i’m a probable prodigy
causing problems
my odyssey is inaudible
holding hostage some models
popping mollies and bottles
probably using condoms to finger f-ck your mama
no drama just karma sutra
she said “tink, i hope the karma suits ya!”
bad, white, c0kehead
hit ’em w/ the “booyah”
man, she won’t stop why they loose her ?
tink bless the mic hallelujah
0 to 100
real quick, fast in a hurry
running past n-ggas so they blurry, but they never gon’ deter me
cause i am so young and determined
boy, you heard me ?

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