2020 bet hip hop awards cypher – flo milli текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro : dj hed]
want to send a rest in peace shout out to the homie pop smoke
gone way too soon, shout out…let’s get it

[beat : dior by pop smoke]

[verse 1 : ade]
ade’ in the flesh
never come alone, i’m taking respect
lately been raking the checks
the women are keeping the chains to save me the mess
some want to lay me the rest
you’ll see what i’m doing if you ever play me in chess
in school they gave me a f
today i pulled up in a m
tell ’em for wasting this time, they owe dawg, nah i ain’t talking larenz
mm, but carried the cane
left it alone like we wish ye did, heavy his name
here they shoot with no aim
then they pop and smoke to bury the pain
marry the game, i hope it don’t take me out with bruh
you know they hate to see us do numbers, this ap algebra
account was one hundred thousand up
i’m lounging when i be miles above
come from the county, get love from the city
like i do what muriel bowser does
a rookie that move like a vet do
best tune in, i’m a bet too
i leave her text on read, i put her friend on jet blue
that trump guy is a creep, he cares too much about tweets
gotta head to the poll, not hbo, if you wanna see the real black version of “veep”
the flow is a 10
rip pop, chadwick, kobe and quinn
[verse 2 : buddy]
rest in peace to pop smoke
errbody go vote
2020 no joke
it ain’t funny no mo’
can’t n0body come close
they just might have the ‘rona
rip nip and kobe
cpt, california
bet, this the cypher
edd, we for lifers
bud, he the nicest
so the price is what the price is
uh, i’m a prophet, i’m a pothead, i’m a block kid
you can drop dead, that one goes to the cops, the feds
i’m a thot, get me lit
come here lil’ mama, suck on the d*ck
i made a lot, off of hits
tryna’ be wealthy, i’m already rich
top of the top of the ritz
i got her cooking and making me grits
she got that wap, let me hit
she go bananas, then i gotta split
riding around, smoked out in the whip
down to a gram, had to cop me a zip
pound for pound, again and again
surround sound, it’s loud in here
they ought to give me the crown in here
i’m representing hub town in here
they ought to give me the crown in here
dropping the album, the top of the year
[verse 3: flo milli]
i’m with ya baby daddy, while you babysitting
b*tches not in my class, my behavior different
i ain’t talking about…if i say i’m on top
i don’t stop so we can never change positions
my account look like i hit the lottery
i’m too blessed to let these broke b*tches bother me
up in my business, but when you start getting the bag
the flight on a jet come with privacy
shut down the store if i walk in dior
baby, show me that sh*t that ain’t shown on the floor
talking money, well then let your money do the talking
let’s see what your mouth can afford
made a couple mill’ on the way up
just imagine what i’ll make off a tour
they don’t understand when i’m counting bands
pop off the rubber like i like it raw
i’m the new b*tch all these n*ggas adore
so these other b*tches hurt to the core
numbers don’t lie, so if you ever counted me out
what you think i’mma f*ck with you for
i got these broke b*tches hating me more
k!lling these b*tches is my daily chore
i look like a laker, the way that i ball
hoes could never ever even the score
play with a n*gga’s hearts like it’s a sport
i let ’em f*ck it up, then i ignore
waste a n*gga time, curve them in my mind
make them take me out whenever i’m bored
[verse 4 : deante’ hitchc*ck]
i been minding my black owned business
police will still shoot me dead in the street
if they think i’m a threat, they gon’ draw like a sketch
put that flame on my chest, like i play for the heat
he want me to freeze, but i’m scared so i ran like a [?]
from the gulf to caspian sea
because he got a stick, but they aren’t in a band
that drum on a loop, we ain’t making beats, boy
hold up, hit the blunt
we in h*ll for real
how we go through the most, but we show it the least
like you can’t even tell for real
but maybe this black body, full of black trauma
my black kid gon’ have a black mama
and they gon’ look at me like a supehero
like the black panther and the black mamba
okay, uh
hope i live to have they type of impact
that’s why i keep a stick
big enough to empty out a party whenever it kick back
i know people got ill intentions
my girl be stressing, it be making me sick that
all her pretty little fears me getting shot by the police
because i’m 6lack
so yeah, we still fighting for breonna
our skin wasn’t tailored to fit this society
i see them eyeing me, got my anxiety up
through the roof when the cops be riding by me
telling my people how much i love them erryday
because i feel like i got to
because i know how hard it can be to love yourself
in a world telling you not to

- flo milli текст песни