2020 final note – flonerd текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

2021 we don’t even know what to expect
is it a virus or police, another freaking mess
but one thing i know is i’ma really need the checks

and a bullet proof cos a n*gga really been a threat
so call the bomb squad tell them that we bout to blow
the flow sleek, you can tell this sh*t is à la mode
i never settle for less, i always wanted more
and i’ma keep grinding till i sleep tryna count my dough
i pay no mind to the ones tryna k!ll the vibe
i’m too busy thinking how a n*gga still alive
they telling me they wanna see me at the finish line
i know they laughing in my face, but i see despise
they wanna know what i been about
like i be stressing bout the sh*t that they speak about
me, i’m tryna help my shawty pick a blouse
for the night cos we bout to have dinner out
see i just did a million on spotify
next year what we gunning for is forty five
talk your sh*t, leave me out. boy i’m talking mines
if they ain’t talking money boy i dunno these guys
i need me enough cheddar
and tell tiwa savage i’m down for whatever
i’m really tryna give her the fourth letter
light up her world have her screaming up nepa
well it’s back to the facts, what a crazy year
put your hands together if you made it here
say a prayer for the souls that we lost on the way
i really wish i had the power to make you reappear
i got some bad news around the month june
i tried to be positive like a blood group
i might act like i don’t care but it’s not true
so if you listening
i’m really thankful that i ain’t lost you
2020, men you done enough
we ain’t stopping we gon keep the fire burning up
i took a break off the gram i never went online
i had to go find a balm for my troubled mind
i’m bout to take another break and when i get back
i’ma drop an album with davido on the first track
this year we ain’t trending merry xmas
or happy new year
f*ck that n*gga, end sars

- flonerd текст песни