1776 – forgiato blow текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

ha, yeah
big blow 4*5
magavali in the flesh, yeah
we do this for maga, we do it for the culture
yeah, 4 more years, huh
big trump, what’s up
we the best, yeah (yhea, yeah)
big trump showed me how to be the best
dj kid, this a hit for sure

america baby, these walls crumbling down
don’t lose your faith, don’t let them keep you down
god’s grace is lost, i bet the devil is proud
keep america great, we gon’ figure it out
i was born in the u.s. so you know that i’m blessed
i was born in america, united statеs in the flesh
we can еnd it on the battle grounds, our troops the best
keeping my faith in god, but still rocking my vest
this ain’t obama’s america (this ain’t obama’s america)
this ain’t joe biden’s america (this ain’t joe biden’s america)
partiots run america (partiots run america)
i was born in america, imma die in america
start a riot, marshal law gets violent
calling all the troops, yeah we won’t stay silent
i just talked to god, he told me “blow, grab the draco”
blood on the money, soldiers on the payroll
patriotic blood running through my veins
self*made, tat it on my grampa’s grave
welcome to the land of the fame
made it through the hate, that’s the gang
and the jay*z song was on
and the jay*z song was on
so i put my hands up, they playing my song
and we gon’ keep it cracking, yeah all night long
on the gang!
if you gon’ be a real hustler, hustle
quit making excuses, man
you born in america, you born with oportunity
huh, i ain’t never made no excuse
i hustled for everything i got
and you want my spot
huh, what
i guess there’s blood on the draco
yeah, you know there’s blood on the draco

- forgiato blow текст песни