2021 more than a rapper – fsg rell текст песни

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(verse 1)
why they acting like my sh*t ain’t forever
you can put me top 5 in
every single era
i learned from my predecessors so i’m heavy in endeavors
gotta few that’s on my back
but i move lighter than a feather
grew up round them k!llers
so i’m used to having pressure
got the ultimate respect
so i can do this sh*t whenever
got a wendy at the crib
semi naked with vanetta
always been a peoplе person
so i never been whatеver
when i die call me the goat
the greatest f*cking ever
work ethic going stupid
cause i never think of never
it don’t matter when it rain
cause i got gucci red umbrellas
is it true that one’s trash is
another mans treasure
glad to take the game
really is my pleasure
i say h*ll with all the press
i do damage with compressors
if it’s evil then it’s evil
it don’t matter which is lesser
looking at the impact
that’s the only way i’m measured
more than a rapper
born to lose trapper
circle full of real ones
we don’t do kappas
bryson tiller fear none
n*ggas ain’t factors
pulled up in a 07
walked out like nasa
n*ggas get rich and still trap
thats ass backwards
n*ggas got masters
and never own they masters
none of y’all forefronts
a lot y’all afters
y’all was just sons to me
now y’all all b*st*rds
more than a rapper
more than a rapper
more than a rapper
more than a rapper

(verse 2)
by the time you f*cking with em
they don’t even want you
i put trust in no man
i put trust in bundles
don’t respect the trigger
as much as the knuckle
f*ck being broke n*gga
i respect the hustle
i respect when n*ggas get the rock
and don’t fumble
i respect when n*ggas get popped
and get humbled
i respect when n*ggas learn rap
and don’t mumble
i respect when n*ggas get booked
and don’t crumble
you play it by ear
i play it by check
n*ggas chasing fame
i’m chasing respect
n*ggas chase the game
and be getting to upset
it be hard to show ya lows
when you be dealing with success
brand new epiphany
dreams of how to do ya
17 red beams
aimed at ya medula
deadly look of love on her
nickname her medusa
barely have a line drawn
nothing out suits ya
more than a rapper

- fsg rell текст песни