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Songtext von my ho 2 – future lyrics

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thats my ho thats yo ho 2
thats my ho [6x]
i p-ssed on her you kissed her you fell in love with her i think i miss her
you took her on a trip i tried to pimp her
i’m cool with her mama and her lil sister

if thats yo ho thats my ho 2 [4x]
she s-xy she fine she say she love me i know she lying we stay f-cking from time to time you could marry her today she still mine

excuse my lango when i call you ho but b-tch you know i talk like that get the red bottle turn up on them n-gg-s i taught her that get them stacks and blow yo stacks come and bring that p-ssy back if you with him i don’t care cause i know where your heart is at i run my team i run my team on concient quarter ain’t got no time i know you love me baby she told her boyfriend to buy a new mercedes ain’t gone drop no name future drive her crazy we could talk about anything and she gone be there for me give her a wedding ring and imma be around eternity her friends stay hating she could never understand he treat her real good but he cant make her feel like i can


she in my call log she in my text messages he hitting if raw dog i’m skeetin it on her breast he bought her big bags i f-cked her on the dresser that n-gg- old news i’m talking clyde drexler she want that new future she want that new scooter me and her brother jigg together we too cool she wont even get wet for you for me she swimming pool if you don’t cut the check she gone be mad with you i might wanna flex on her i’m talking tyc–n see i got real money and f-ck her like a broke goons and i never paid her but she pay the kids she may not never forgive me for what i just did


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