2016 – g fredo текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

fredo 2x in this b*tch shorty, rip my shottas
2016 summertime…

2016 summertime shootouts and them drive*by’s
i don’t regret sh*t took my bro drugs and it’s been on since
we been on backs that’s why these opp b*tches on our d*ck
these shottas all lit, they catch em’ slipping get em’ gone quick
ain’t never been the type to throw the towel when it’s smoke
i catch one outta’ bounds and threw that n*gga foul for my bro
no i don’t wanna’ drive i’d rather walk him down all alone
and if they in the crowd then imma’ (?) the crown on my own
take me back to junior wе were posted outsidе on them bikes
never thought i’d see a dead one of my shottas lose they life
never thought i’d see the day i’d have to go and roll that dice
but it get real brodie, and i can’t let you hop up in this veer if you won’t k!ll for me
still rolling, tryna’ catch a body cause’ they won’t do it
still bending finger on the trigger i stay close to it
the day i die, don’t wanna see you cry know what you feel for me
so i don’t wanna’ hear it, just prove to me that it’s real brodie
still love him, even on the days i feel the hate more
sometimes a n*gga need a hug sometimes need you to pray for him
but wait for him cause’ everybody left him when he fell
sh*t he was walking through a storm and somehow find himself in h*ll
it’s all facts karma i can’t tell a lie to you
on my mom gon’ keep my slammer i don’t plan on dying on you
f*ck what the streets say ma’ your shotta realer than a morgue
you done really raised a legend promise imma’ make you proud

(verse 2)
she say her baby boy official as they come without a doubt
don’t like it when i hit the hood so when i go i’m in and out
and the clip on the glizzy see*thru so i can see when i’m running out
and i plan on letting it out so as i’m blowing imma’ count
send him to the lost and found
they won’t be able to id him
it’s gon’ be a genocide if they ain’t trafficking we see him
b*tch we 4 deep, we got 4 slammas’ we don’t give a f*ck about no cameras
we masked up try and act up and we do the dash can’t catch us tryna’ up the score on them once again and tell them f*ck n*ggas come catch up on v

- g fredo текст песни