17 – galactic hole текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i listened to an album for six hours straight
claimed it for inspiration, but, yeah right, that’s fake
it’s so hard for me to orchestrate
my ideas, so let’s just snag this bass

(a lot of what we did on that album was, we did bring a lot of different records together. it was a competition almost, you know what i’m sayin’? and that’s, that’s how i think the record came out really, really… we stand for a certain thing and that was to be yourself.)

why can’t i write anymore than similes and metaphors?
writing words can be a bore, i need a change*up like five/four
for i can’t help but hate all the things i create so
thanks for spending your day, you make my life pretty great
lookin’ for that k!llah’ sample, manipulate it like a scandal
cookin’ like my eggs scrambled, the clip mutated, pike to mammal
plunderphonics like i’m shadow, listen to so much got ammo
under, chthonic, i lay fallow, hidden, workin’, got no plateau

hey, yuh, yuh, i’m like seventeen
call me ween, variety’s always seen in my routine
got so many techniques, it ain’t weak, like a snapchat streak
alter egos, i’m sheik, lean physique, i’ll make a scratch that’s sleek

i listen to the same six albums all the time
trying to express myself through excessive rhyme
singing text ‘cause it’s the paradigm
really hoping i’m not yet at my prime
singing songs but not knowing any of the words
bringing wrongs, it doesn’t help my mic makes purpose blurred
i’m deeper than underground, grim reaper another sound
scythe all that which i surround, might fit in this break i found
how do you make a song longer than three minutes?
ninety seconds in and i feel like i’ve finished
i need something soon, i need a new tune
i might need to prune, need to start anew
rollin’ with that composition, pushin’ lyrical addition
my only competition is with my former disposition
it sounded good when i put it together yesterday
still counting on the fact i’ll finish pre*semester fade

yeah i’m a f*g, i’m pretty g*y (wooo)
what’s in my bag? ingredients: gourmet
i’m the outcast, distortion i blast
once you come back, i’ve already passed

- galactic hole текст песни