1918 – ghost of vroom текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

phantom in a plague mask walking through the cvs
white beak, black cape—dressed like a professional
evil hand waving and he’s leaving a trace
filling up the sp*ce while you’re touching your face
roaming in the crowd, he’s defiant in the riot
shouting with glee, he’s getting near to thee
flash go bang bang—like the day of assumption
laid out on your back by the blow of the truncheon

one, nine, one, eight

drop your phone now you’re moaning alone
don’t need no weather people when you’re burning down the steeple
on a hard drive someplace—battle face
flying in sp*ce get the fire wire, fail to pay bail
with a stimulus check
note the force of torque when you going back to grand fork
in the box in the trunk of the car
make it back to macon hauling hedy lamarr

one, nine, one, eight

phantom in the hole cause he’s on parole
he’s gonna name a name—hear it echo down in your soul
wait out the hot days, sharpen a knife
and then walk out in the winter with a hunger for life
one, nine, one, eight

- ghost of vroom текст песни