2am – ghoulshorizon текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

forget it all
all the memories we had
forget me
leave me in the past
i’m jaded
i’m down bad
i have given all i have

yeah i been up all week
i just can’t find time to sleep
i’m trapped in my head again
i have these voices in my head i don’t wanna keep

its 2 am and i’m alone again
and what the f*ck happen
i don’t wanna be sad anymore
but everything changed when you walked out that door
i’m leaving my trauma in the past

i think its time to call it truce
my neck tied tightly by the noose
i was in disbеlief
when i heard thе news
that you overdosed
its eating at me now
i’m sorry didn’t get to say good bye

- ghoulshorizon текст песни