2:22 [left on read] – gids текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]:

all i hear is voices in my head
just wishing i was dead
2:22, she left me on read
but i could give a f*ck, too busy chasing bread

it’s a lonely life, but i wanna get ahead
just scheming up my dreams, gotta put em to the test
if i want this sh*t, i can’t act like the rest
got the blood and the sweat
my eyes are always red
my time is always less
tick*tick*tock, goin down by the sec

conference with the gods, got it inked in my flesh
cuz’ i can never sleep, so i won’t ever rest
i have grown obsessed, so never think me less
rapping over beats, doin more than the rest

snappin’ over heat, like some peppers with the zest
got my middle fingers up n thats all i suggest
f*ck you if fakin’, like you choose to be depressed
i did not request to be wishin’ i was dead

[verse 2]:
tryna’ find a way
back to better days
back when she loved me
and everything’s okay
but i’m numb to the love, and numb to the hate
numb to the drugs, n numb to the pain
but i’m still at her door, eyes flooded like my chain
tryna fix what i broke but she don’t wanna stay

why is this happening, happening again
people always leave, i thought they were my friends
i thought i could depend,on couple motherf*ckers
till the mothaf*ckin end but i can follow trends, predicting all the bends, ima get this n remember what you you said

it was 4:44, i was bangin on your door
i wanted to say sorry, when you broke me to my core
you told me it was you, you told me you were bored
but that sh*t put me down 6 feet beneath the floor

i thought i could do this but not anymore

- gids текст песни