001 (lite) – global octopus текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: jaize]
seriously speaking can’t put feelings aside
especially when the subject seems to get such a rise outta me
gotta be kidding like kid brother jude
in just air n*gga hungry still haven’t eaten much food
quarantined the f*ck i’m supposed to do
got a galaxy inside the palm of my hand
casually calculating casualties to every track that stands out
texas heating up better pull those plants out
ain’t a seed of doubt in me playing old tracks to see the progress
yes n*gga global octopus n*gga
as a positive affirmation or connotation
if you ain’t black don’t say it i ain’t playing topics fishy i’m filleting
been kinda praying in spite of rough times
fam calls can’t forget those times promise to pay those tithes
been looking me in the eyes, gloating in the moment
actualize love and nothing can be broken
of course your bro hurting
oh yes the goal shining
rap stops rumination turns it into logic
spring cleaning
staring at skeletons all up in my closet
remember the next sequence simon says, a f*ckin bop it! stop it
drop kick a n*gga in the chair for the sake of him being there
life ain’t fair
sh*t, look at this year
swear it’s all a meme
surreal realities await as i step out of dreams
but f*ck it i’m still living
can’t do too much
can’t wait to see how this gonna work out
we gone get it

- global octopus текст песни