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hold on
(feat. purple ribbon all-stars)

[big gipp]
look out the sun is out while its raining
the devils wife must be complaining
remember that? its brothers work
elbows in and up and down the court
cause they play ball long after dark at sykes park
smelled the rain before it came
but that don’t stop the game
intense inside the twelve feet fence
flip the mode back on the road set in
and watch my woodgrain spin
i let my window down and let the world in
since i was knee high the only thing we had was the peachtree plaza in the sky
things ain’t the same no more
everyday my city seems to grow and grow
gotta blow a bed for my back
cause i can’t take the hardwood floors
crooked system had me working in the warehouse
from 8 to 4 so
gipp know what it is to work for them foes for a check that don’t mean sh-t
more bills keep coming in
but ain’t no saving
used to scr-pe up a buck for a box of newports
but after i found out
that they was f-cking with the tobac i stopped
its like killing myself with a glock (pow)
its rough
prices going up people giving in
to the rockets and hernon homes is known
by the city to be toxic but ain’t nothin said
always on the down low never in the mainstream
it ain’t king
to be the fulltime
blow a man these days you get years
and even though..
my cousin writes me from the pen
i always think about how we kicked it at the dungeon fo’ he went in
what’s next?
my slick partner toby is gone
went to handle a little business never made it back home
i wonder what his girl told his son…….
hold on

i can’t escape the bullsh-t
where ever i go sh-t
always into something cause i wanna be rich
pulling cards in my blood it seems i’m mean cause of my look
i might blast off on ya -ss and write another book
it took too many times in the cage
now i’m on the front page looking at myself
i’m on the run
never to be seen by the eyes
a fugitive
plus i got a life to live
state by state
is this just a dream?
sometimes it seems like it just a figure standing in the mirror from the back
that’s why i’m swinging my axe
everytime so i won’t miss i can be hit
cause i’m touchable
that’s my state of mind
cause i know one day you gotta go in a life of crime
either the pen or a one way ticket
so i’m asking “what will it be”?
“where do i solve”?
n-body knows but me see
when i was a youth used to think i was bulletproof
never thought i could be hit
ready to stand my turf
n-gg-z can’t understand how it work
what’s the plan?
we killing our own people for this bullsh-t
scared straight wanna escape theres one way outta this crooked county
with a bounty
coming to get me
then i’d be on the run
hoping to find a better day without loaded guns in my face
i’m not the criminal
f-ck your probation
what’s my occupation? selling my dubbs on the street
cause i gotta eat
hold on

am i awake or is this just another dream?
i pinch myself invisible bars cover my cage
done lost all conception of time
trapped in my own mind
unaware of the world in front or behind
be trying
to catch up with myself
evil doers steady working
guest be leaching off of my wealth
can’t wait for my death
but got me f-cked up
aint man enough
n-gg- you got false nuts
bouncing like rubber b-lls off the walls
the life we supposed to be living y’all
them crackers got boxed up
we ain’t even the middle men
but..yet… free my mind of confusion
jehovah witnesses waking me up out my slumber
using white rice and ??
stomach aching be still hunger for the taking at the bottom of my barrel
f-ck -ss! and being nice ain’t got me nathan
but a frown
too high to get down
hold on n-gg-

you don’t know me
and i ain’t tryna claim i be knowing you
but i do understand what you going through
seems like you running outta time
in and out of crime
and everybody ain’t gon be able to rhyme..d-mn!
it must be hard to hold on when your faith is gone
mmmm…tryna make it all alone
sometimes you gotta swallow your pride and let the lord decide
you can’t hide from the truth i know we’ve all tried
and i agree its hard to believe in what you can’t see
“well, sh-t n-gg- what you keep telling me to hold on for? i’m stuck in
the ghetto wit no where to go, i gotta slang that blow”
“you call yourself tryna teach, seems like i’m outta reach
cause i don’t wanna hear another speech
this is all i know how to get up get out and get…
…so f-ck that sh-t!!

hold on, be strong, it ain’t gon be that long
them folks won’t do you wrong
the name of the song is hold on, be strong
it ain’t gon be that long
them folks won’t do you wrong
the name of the song is hold on, is hold on

ey, now i’m chiln in the lounge and dis girl gon walk in the bathroom
she said “damm you look cute, but y you ain’t got no tattoos?”
i said “i ain’t come 2 look cute…cool came 2 cut!”
“and damm you look cute!, y you ain’t got no b-tt?”

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