red water lane – greer текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1]
driving for days, staying awake
running from mistakes i already made
sun in my face, blood in my veins
making me feel like i’m f-cking insane

all of this pain won’t go away
as long as i stay here my anger’s unchanged
red water lane, the place i won’t stay
all of my memories alcohol-stained

oh, ah, oh, ah
oh, ah, oh, ah

i got to get out of this place
before i lose my mind
i’m going insane
i’m feeling your eyes in my brain
and i’m dying
oh, ah oh
oh, oh

[verse 1]
why do i cry, there’s no sign of lies
except for the ones that i keep in my mind
feelings subside, theres [?] tonight
there’s nothing on earth can make me satisfied

nowhere to hide, so i’ll stay inside
stuck in my memories, place i could find
i can’t rely on those who stand by
there’s n0body left to hear me say goodbye

oh, ah, oh ah
oh, ah, oh ah

[verse 3/bridge]
life in the dark
hole in my heart
i saw [?]
i saw my soul [?]

oh, ah, oh, ah
red water lane
a place i would stay
when all of [?]
oh, ah, oh, ah
oh, ah, oh, ah

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