12-23-20 – grip текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

don’t compare me to these local gimmicks
i’m so offended, yeah living co*dependent
i stand on my own two and go and get it
the flow chlamydia, ungodly
that’s why the last sh*t was called proboscidea
fl!ck up half*way across the world and throw the city up
it’s that or fl!ck the finger, i never been known to give a f*ck
this year was full of missed calls and close calls
celebrated my wins in silence, y’all post y’all’s
but f*ck it, it’s all about the growth dawg
n0body made it out this b*tch unscathed
funny how my career slit(?) just getting started and i still wanna quit some days
they take away the passion when you rapping for deposits
i been spitting with the pattеrn from the mattress in the closеt
you’d think by now i would have just adapted the logic
that’s what happens taking something you love and making a career of it
and plus my peers buggin’
while i’m here, let me make sh*t clear
this is a whole different tier cousin
your sh*t light, when you drop i don’t hear nothing
caught on that porch sh*t, it was bubbling in
and made your ass wanna rap and so you study my pen
you heard ‘snub’ like there’s no way he does it again
for you to get the buzz you got to dress up and pretend
pups can’t eat supper with men
because if i end up wanting another plate then you might get ate
you think your big dog, you get p*ssed off
and i might think * wait
i shouldn’t talk like that, i got pets of my own
and how i’m sprinting to the cheque, it’s like i’m fetching the bone
finger itching on the tech, he should have left ’em alone
king grip, please don’t step to the throne
they know the name
next year will be the year that i etch it in stone

- grip текст песни