360 no scope – gtg big $mash текст песни

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ha, yea
aight now 360 no scope, b-tch i came to pop, when i put it in a chokehold, ric flair b-tch i go like wooo, you ain’t know i’m finna blow when im taking over b-tch yeah im the whole f-ckin show (x2)

1st verse:
parents went to sleep, but i gotta k!ll the beat, so i hit some asmr but im still bringing the heat uh, saying you can’t stand me p-ssy n-gga take a seat, i got canon not no pictures but you gone be missing t–th uh. say your prayers p-ssy n-gga eat your vitamins uh, i transformed, these n-ggas peter parker, im spiderman uh, i am higher than all that bullsh-t im aspiring, tryna come up and give family some bucks but the powers at be, they conspiring.uh

it get hectic when i steppin
5 months later im progressing
big steppin, tire shredding, hoes regretting
my potential, really frightening
just like lightning, b-tch im striking
if you coming at me funny, getting down b-tch we fighting uh

hook (x2)

verse 2:
feel like blueface, the mop out
a n-gga in dallas, free like a maverick
jack in the box, we gone pop out
this feeling is priceless, hill like it’s cyprus
boy you don’t know what you talk bout
and boy it’s sad n-ggas is mad, they didn’t get hit with small clout

they catch em in traffic, they bout that action like they be filming a movie
my main goal in life to be posted up with my bae drinking smoothies
and im on the southside at the popeyes, you get hit with a two piece
and i don’t know girl but she ran up on me so i call her a groupie

i gotta be limousine riding, jet flying. ima let ric flair tell y’all n-ggas
you’re talking to the rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealin, wheelin dealing, son of a gun and im having a hard time holding these alligators down. wooo

hook (x2)

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