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Songtext von get it – gudda gudda lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“get it”
(feat. short dawg)

let’s get this paper, yeah i’m with it with it
anyway to get this paper, let’s get it get it
let’s get this paper n-gg-, yeah i’m with it with it
anyway to get this paper, let’s get it get it
i’m with it let’s get it, i’m with it (let’s get it) i’m with it (let’s get it)
i’m with it (let’s get it)

[verse 1: gudda gudda]
i say it’s gudda b-tch, all about my paper on my hustle sh-t
i put money ova hoes, my pocket’s got a overload
i don’t play the card like [? ] so i shuffle like poker hoe
drug music, hero-wayne this here is a overdose
i get money coast to coast, lemme do my thang b-tch
approach me cus i keep that toast, put one in yo brain b-tch
i’m dangerous, deranged a b-tch so real i will rearrange the sh-t
cocaine i spit, you don’t really want it with a n-gg- like me i’m flamin sh-t
i came to get this dough, vip with a thick red hoe
purple stuff in my double cup, rest in peace pimp c, big moe
whoa flow so off the ricta, i’m slick like a boa contricta
victorious, ya’ll the victim, i’m gettin, i’m gettin…


[verse 2: short dawg]
yeah uhh it’s short dawg comin thru yo audio
all about my paper but let’s get get get it like shawty lo
i was sellin drugs while you cats was playin mario
now a n-gg- pockets fat like they need some cardio
hoes on my jock, i got em creamin like a oreo
got a lil fame & now they watch me like the maury show
‘scuse me but i’m sorry hoe, i’m already spoken for
but bring a friend & we can get it crackin like a open door
i’m known for pourin fours, sippin till i p-ss out
on the block like oka fours, yeah i’m on the cash route
seven different hustles mayn, i’m tha one they ask bout
bags of weed had them thinkin i was takin trash out
got it by tha truckload, that was till them dust [? ]
i was on tha interstate, trunk full, (nuts swoll)
and i came in tha game, i’m jus anotha hustla
plus i jus got a call from my n-gg- gudda gudda sayin…


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