200 for lunch (remix) – gunna текст песни

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[chorus: gunna]
i had two hunnid for lunch (two hunnid)
last night i f*cked on a c*nt (no cap)
twenty*four shows in a month (a month)
looked at the time, it was crunch (time)
ice, diamonds is crushed (ice)
louis v but my t*shirt is tucked (tucked), yeah
codeine is a slush (codeine’s a slush)
might invest so i’m sippin’ the ‘tuss (sippin’ the ‘tuss)
go get it, i must (must)
f*ck her good in her p*ssy, no must (yeah), yeah
love and not l*st (not l*st)
my crew loyal, we trusted in us (trusted in us), yeah
runnin’ it up (it up), got that sh*t out the ground in a month (a month)

[verse: lil uzi vert]
aw, yeah (yeah, yeah)
roll up two hundred…

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