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[intro: sigve]
f-ck is this school telling me? always in the barbershop
danny ain’t bout this, danny ain’t bout that
saying danny ain’t putting in no work
shut the f-ck up, yall aint know sh-t

[verse 1: andreas]
central figure plug, 3721
streetcorner caught selling, see that chopper better run
chopper and saw, danny goes in raw
late night trapping f-ck it, we gon hit your jaw (brrrr)

bricks, bands banging
fish – banana ganging
danny we be hanging
hard drug slanging

no doubts
underground routes (routes)
feds tap danny phone
never come to his house (nah)

[verse 2: ole]
i give danny head, to make sure hoes are mad
hoes are always mad at my dan-dan all night
but that be allright he be shining so bright
where he at now? i might need to plow

smash that big -ss looking like a wine gl-ss
taking off his shirt showing off his muscle m-ss
hop up in the car, yeah we do the dash
sucking on his d-ck so good imma make him crash, yeah

[verse 3: th0r-]
run up danny’s block, mans got a glock
pistol on my waist, d-ck i wanna taste
buying cars, like these bars, danny’s -ss like a gl-ss
3721 pull up with danny’s mob
fb gang gon blow the bomb
(blow the bomb)

bright and white, danny he so nice
shoulders wide and big, imma suck his d-ck
running flipping bricks, danny with the tricks

[verse 4: sigve]
danny gon shoot that ak, woh
got banana clips like a monkey, woh
he gon ride that b-tch like a donkey, woh
took a bad b-tch in that rolls royce, royce

sucking on that d-ck gon spit, spit spit
take a pic of that d-ck on the fit, fit, fit
put your d-ck up on my lip, lip, lip
gun gon shoot better dip, dip, dip

danny 40′ gon f-ck ya, brand new f-cking rover
danny got that cobra, i might just pull up and blow ya
danny p-n-s hanging, drugs ye we slanging
hoes we be banging, fish banana we ganging

[verse 5: leander]
flipping f-cking kilos, on the block
danny zuko, i be kissing your c-ck
i be running up the streets with my danny
all i want is you c-ck inside me

p-n-s enlargement and i’d love to see your c-ck
p-n-s inside me and i’d hate to see you stop
on your c-ck i’m a goblin, im stealing, im robbin
pull out with the heater i get to the sparking

[verse 6: fyren]
he be in the gym training
i be in his lockerroom waiting
hairy, big and strong (ay)
danny did me wrong
got his danny zuko looking -ss looking so strong

wanna feel his d-ck
juicy and so thick ¨
got that danny in my feelings and it’s making me sick
danny i love you, danny i want

fyren on that beat cus you know i f-cking love you
fyren on that beat cus you know i f-cking love you

p-n-s enlargement and i’d love to see your c-ck

- guttaboyzband текст песни