tongue and cheek – gutterlove текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

you keep falling in love with p-rn stars
ignoring your scars never letting them heal
i love being the victim, but i f-cking hate the way it feels

so i smile and lie when i say, “don’t you worry about me, i am okay”
i am a fish in the ocean, focusing on nothing but today

we were losers and look what we achieved and i have found that gods word is all tongue and cheek and she was scary and he was barely starting to explore, before he hit the floor

i’ve been drinking way too much beer
so what i have to say might not come out clear
but i despite my shortcomings, i want to be your everything
we can go on nature or just sit and talk, its kind of your call
we could do that other thing cause i know how you love to be f-cked against the wall

times are changing i want to change with them
we can stand to branch off of what they condemn
because i refuse to follow those same old cultural trends

- gutterlove текст песни