zombies, march! – gwar текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

“zombies, march!”

welcome once gain
to the bl–dy pit, my friends
we’re so glad you could attend
come and die…come and die…

yes, the bl–dy pit of horror, here…
as sick as is gomorrah queer
it’s purpled purpose crinkly clear-here!


i-i-i lead the zombie army
they-they-they are my sweetest slaves
these creatures
well they shall never harm me
i saved them, from far beyond the grave

lid on coffin cold
return was foretold
barrel, box, or bl–dy sack
planted deep they still come back

beyond the world of life
beneath the scroll of time
the zombies rise and curse the light
they curse the living and they bite

you find it alarming, i find it quite charming
they way the dead they explode from the ground
i found it amazing the dead we were raising
and the stinking pile of bodies formed a molten-nipple mound
your life is lost yet un-death found

the bl–dy pit of horror has a bl–dy tale to tell
the bl–dy pit of holy sh-t, oh mother-f-cking what the h-ll…

the bl–dy pit of horror!

i-i – i lead the zombie army x3
i-i – they are my sweetest slaves

the zombie king he walks alone
the zombie king he has no throne
just a never ending hunger
and a hole that can’t be filled
by the centuries of victims from the living he has killed
who have all p-ssed beneath the earth
to transform into living dead and swell his martial ranks
who ever thought you could teach them to drive tanks?
drive tanks through banks

zombies, march!

the zombie king, he calls his troops, der krieg is coming soon
the filthy fiend stand wall-to-wall, and this is a big room!
the creatures of the underworld ar an imposing bunch
but zombies are my sweetest slaves, as long as they get lunch

vampires, they f-cking suck, you know, because they’re gay
biker werewolves, what a joke, they’ve sure seen better days…
zombie king don’t give a d-mn ’cause he already rules
even though his followers are nincomp–ps and b–bs

zombies, march!

- gwar текст песни