bindhu hask – hask текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

why do all asians look the same
got em squinty eye and their food is lame
go the f-ck away finna feel the shame

[verse 1]
lookin at this guy know he asian yeah he thai
j-panese b-tch please, he said he f-cking thai
all these asians look the same when you look into their eyes
got a d-ck short, short shorts on you are f-cking pants
a tiny as kid gettin sn-tched up in a van
lookin like a f-ckin toddler with his height and baby d-ck
no one knows his age but he will always be a kid

i cannot say it enough
he got a tiny p-n-s for a dude that’s rough
probly gonna land a chick abt a kid you’d touch
they little -sses like a creep and a stalker
at least you not like glen he got no head ain’t a walker

walk over here mother f-cker i wanna see it for real
i f-cking can’t belive how small you are on the real
i think you know you’re doomed and will never get a lady
that why you suckin d-cks like a f-ggot real shady

why do all asians look the same
got em squinty eye and their food is lame
go the f-ck away finna feel the shame
no one wants to play that stinky asian game

[verse 2]
you hidin in the closet and watchin from with in
you takin lessons from your parents on how to put it in
but p-ssy don’t make your little grape stand up
you like to f-ck guys man what the f-ck’s up
with that, you had a good family a life now you bat
sh-t crazy like the opposite of beautiful patrick swayze
now you mixed up in a crowd of g-ys and hlaf men-ladies
you annoying as f-ck hit the floor you baby

you actin like you young and you preyin on kids
you shopt at mini mart, mini mark don’t give a sh-t
you stupid a dumb-ss in lightest of ways
for real you like ploob ooble, r-t-rded and g-y
you smellin like rossool actin like mishir
you the same worst person and it’s bad cuz you queer

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