mirrors – hourglass hc текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

how could one look mean so much to me? how could you leave me without a chance to breath?
is it fair that to you i am no one, when you are my everything?
i’m f-cking sick of looking in the mirror and hating all that stares back at me
i’ve hated my life, and myself, for so long that i know this is all i’ll ever amount to be
i’m tired of being a failure, i’m so f-cking tired of everything
cause life’s holding me down, despite my best efforts, it seems that i’m destined to sink
i know you can’t hear me; but at least it gives me peace
try give me one more reason why not to die in my sleep

here lies the end of my road, and i hope it marks the end of my struggles
the one thought that keeps plaguing my mind; will i still hold your heart tomorrow?
i know isomer deserve a moment of your time, but just your smile alone makes me want to stay alive
i’m letting go of these tainted mirrors, you’ve opened me to light
lifted me from the waters, filled my lungs with new life
walked me down and unmarked road, no longer yearning to die

- hourglass hc текст песни