2020 – hs gunshot kid a.k.a. juicy face текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

people are dieing
children are crying
this world is so full of hate
this state is not great
i thought we’d be better
people categorized heathers
then vsco became a thing
claiming white girls as is
covid came knocking
it was kinda shocking
we had to stay in for days
we made it to phase three
might have to go back to one
i think im done
but wait there’s more
protest invited itself in
than riots began
losing jobs needs to stop
what happened to
“make america grеat again”?
is that all i don’t know
its 2020 anything could happen
we blacks have to bring
our hoodiеs off at night
we’re not white
not saying all whites are racist
as is blacks to
all the civilized leaders
fought for our rights
then 2020 came along
and we have to fight on our own
its no fun
thinking suicidal
like burning in a pile
like kyle has to pick his style
so people don’t hate on him
he wants to create
a good profile
so people view him
as a human
like president truman

- hs gunshot kid a k a juicy face текст песни