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Songtext von kief catcher – i set my friends on fire lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“kief catcher”

watch your back
or i will have your girlfriend on hers

keep that nympholeptic,
my typo chick is hypodermic

i’m a sonic salesman
handling a brief case loaded with frequencies
provided for the deaf -and-dumb
salivating fuzzed receptions,
still have their lips
suctioned on my thumb

just trying to lighten up the mood dude,
blowin’ out your att-tude
now remain your -ss calm
or i make you disappear,
after i clear this smoke bomb

i’m glad irrepressible tremors,
carry zero context or tone
bashed that skull cap,
with your own cellular phone

found malodorous residue,
i have a feeling they barbecued you

beings were blaring
queer diapason jams,
centrifugally forced to cash
grand galactic grams
a flexible cystotome like
device saw what was flawed,
the biopsy was an
indelible optical saccade
achromatic couldn’t fit it’s chroma
with the help of fate
leader precentor hocks a sacred lodged key
the frantic search for me, begins unceremoniously

intra-axonally whiplashed
exemplary ages ago
chucked the longest geographical stretch,
a span can depot

intra-axonally whiplashed
exemplary ages ago.
chucked the longest geographical stretch,
a span can depot a span can depot

please, hubristic disease,
incarnate each cathexes.
foaming alchemical dust debris
clumpy excerpts are droopy guarantees

- i set my friends on fire текст песни