1000 wicked souls – indus valley kings текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

what lies around you might not get
or has it just not hit you yet?
you will only know when it arrives

take the time all that you want
to find a way to way to carry on
as life around you finds a way to die

human beings spread apart
in the land of cold and dark
shelter wrapped around your open wounds

what you see you just might get
lost among the pending threat
time will tell how much it will consume

i don’t need to hear about reason
don’t ya tell me not to do what i feel
the tide will fade away with the season
the sun will spin the earth like a wheel

if you found a way to bring comfort
then take it to for the ones that you love
if you can find the strength in your heart
even underneath the ground you’re above
hide with your half*hearted smile
even if it takes a while
the sp*ce between us one could never own

more than a thousand wicked souls
crawl into our gaping holes
some were meant to last when others won’t

- indus valley kings текст песни