moonlit seabed – inme текст песни

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moonlit seabed

to the fallen brothers and former lovers
i’m not a man of malice but the poison
in the chalice turned my sweet words so callous
the palace gates were breached by treason
i’ve been weak in the past, someday’s i still am
but your smile leaves a wake
a jet stream of hope

i don’t know if i could do this without you
in your eyes i can only see the truth

and it’s all in everything you do
it’s your hair dancing underwater
staring up from this moonlit seabed

through the corals
foraging for morals
giant mirrors in the sky
perennial dreams of gentle seas

when you can’t tell the difference
between waking up & falling asleep
it’s time to accept damage
but just because my hearts been ravaged

i wouldn’t want to do this without you
we’ve got a perfect view of the blue moon

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