12:03am (feat. nvr/mnd) – intomisery текст песни

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[chorus] (into misery)

it’s 12:03 am again
and i’m just thinkin’ how i lost it all
i tried so hard but you just let it end
you gave up, you blamed me, said it’s all my fault

you know i don’t regret a thing
i might be broken but i locked my heart up
and now i threw away the key
i think it’s gonna take a minute to wake up

[verse 1]

i knew from the start that you were something else
so tell me how we went from living in heaven to h*ll
i was cool with your family and friends
everything seemed so perfect we never thought it’d end

but we f*cked up
and i couldn’t lose ya
i tried my best to keep it calm
but i had no clue, yeah

feels like my life keeps crumbling down
but i still tried to fix myself when you came around
[verse 2]

i don’t even know what i saw in you
blonde hair, hazel eyes and a smile so cute
i’d have given my life for you
i had almost believed you that you felt it too

but you didn’t you faked it
you tried to embrace it
and made me think that
everything was all ok

it’s been 3 years and i’ve found no cure
the worst is always inside everything that seems so pure

[bridge (nvr/mnd)]

going through your page at night
got me sick to my stomach when i face the fight
got a brick in my chest
and my neck is tight
gonna kick the chair while i flip the lights

and you been doing fine
making money selling all my clothes online
ain’t it funny thought you’d be my girl for life
but now i’m stuck in bed with this f*cking knife
and i could see the finish line
i could see the end, i could see the light
i could taste the love like a poison wine
but you gave it up and i wasted time

i’m left in the dust
no love, no gain, no hope for us
thought i could make it better
bought a ring some roses and a letter


i don’t wanna love you anymore
we had it fine but you just turned and walked straight out the door
just tell me what i did wrong
i’ll fix it, i’ll change it, forgive me, i’ll stay strong

- intomisery текст песни