’02 ludachris (feat. sxvij, grezzzo) [no time ll] – isaiah farmer текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

hook :

move out the way
i ain’t got no time x 4

sxvij :

so i made a track not long along
i hurt your feelings took your soul
took your hoe
can’t even write no hook no more
i broke the ceiling young n*ggas took your door
you want some more kid better do them chores
sweep them floors power all in my core of who i swore
that i would use the force and ima body every n*gga
with no remorse
swing on n*ggas like gorillas in the jungle
come on little n*gga you don’t really wanna rumble
n*ggas mad they ain’t have n0body else to run to
n*ggas mad cuz i catch a bag when they fumble

grezzzo :

n*ggas crack and getting pumbled
thought he was mean joe green
with his team
til his spleen
hit my knee
and the bones
start crumble
gone in a huddle
nother play then we double

isaiah farmer :

humble guy with a humble seed
can not come with me
never run with me
been a bumble bee sitting at the tree top
you know what i’m saying
cold n*gga with a heat of heart
feel the beat of heart
when the snare hits
i believe in the scene of art
hold the theme of art when we painting
ain’t no delusion we walking in
couldn’t talk if the talk didn’t benefit
all that talking you talk didn’t represent
all the figures you want wasn’t coming in
part of my form ya’ll
ya’ll seen what i pour ya’ll
said never again never again never again
could warn ya’ll i said

hook :

move out the way
i ain’t got no time x 4

no time

- isaiah farmer текст песни