23:59 – istasha текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

rush the bidniss up 2 mehico
you a muppet im the animol
you dont own my title
im a crater sent from a payphone
i could fly out but i would die out
you dont own me sh*t you f*ck
never did i pummle itll take me f*cking millions

set your pin down like a cover slip
slipping out the words a motherf*cker clip out to pass on all your deficits
harboring adrenaline chakra out don’t think about it
pulse supplied surprised up from the project a mannequin
every patch of plasma reside and dig down a layer in it
every pitch a prism abide the picture til prayers ended
blade in silent
shoeless like a faint assailant
new plane concrete slide

open your battery, i can establish the f*ckers been leaking of acid whatever
stop as the batch ends up reaching the core, that’s defeat, that’s he tribute with s*m*n
swimming and catch a body, you’re gonna float withhout precision
ruin that aim wilhelm blow to the brain brain that’s just the lack of inhibition
ultraviolet stains covers all your favourite tissue
but you beg for it, you f*cking beg for it
[lord distortion]
plaqueade, pig squirming thru the blockade
ain’t you just a b*tch so f*cking quit it, you ain’t nothing
scoped out, down town in the crawlsp*ce
armed up chunking all my memory to rot waves

radiation path, lake of radiated ash
gonna make him take the rads he emaciated mass
red dot zone, blocked out radar and the map
f*ck i get no stop, cop a lazer make a bag

large forceps
your girl called
she want more s*x
nuke warhead
mecha make the world stop
bomb beaches
hunt the far reaches
f*cks is not even
im boutta make the strap hop

magazine bust
in your room getting buried with your magazine sm*t
def con this a tragedy f*ck
nyrlethotep deciever cuz you actually suck
love crafting these lines
they dapping me up

- istasha текст песни