2021 – izaya tiji текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(it’s surreal gang lil’ b*tch)

slide, better pray to god
we in the function with drugs and fns, you better not be inside (uh, uh)
i got, (gianni), i got a perc’ in my pocket, you know that i’m f*ckin’ (god d*mn, yeah)
she is so high off that molly, i just made a lil’ deposit (haha)
she got a thing for that money (brr, yeah)
she l!ckin’ that sticky like honey (wait)
she just wanna be my lil’ buddy, you know i can’t be no dummy
she hop on d*ck like a bunny, do my lil’ dirty, my dawgy

black tint, ’cause we get bl**dy (bow)
i go until i can’t function
and you know she get wetter then a d*mn bucket
balling out just like the nuggets
no i can’t go broke n*gga, ’cause i’m way too stubborn (no)
5.56 shots at your lover, she will not find no one better (okay)
she wanna f*ck without a condom
f*ck with my cousin, f*ck with my cutter (yeah)
you know that she a d*ck lover (yeah)
she do what i say, yeah just like a burglar
(gianni), he do what i say with that gun to his head
hunnid round, that’ gon’ put him to bed (yeah)
choppa bullets, they gon’ take off his legs
real k!llers gonna bring me his head
yeah, if i stress, i’m like bring me a xan’
if outside, i got to run up the bands
you’re broke, n*gga go get you a play
i’m with lil playah, that’s two players (that’s two)
she wanna play with that mothaf*ckin’ player (okay)
my n*ggas shoot, no f*ckin’ layups (okay)
that’s a lil’ dead ass n*gga, put his ass in the air (yeah)
yeah i’m a dog but i’m with them bears
smokin’ on zaza, blew in the air (okay, hold up)
kan got that choppa, he take it apart
i got that gas, it smell like a fart (okay)
don’t got no mask, i walk into target
don’t make your mama son look like a martyr (okay)
i swing back twice like peter parker
choppas out the whip, bullets finna chop up (yeah)
shootin’ for two, just look like a archer
we leave him tooting, now he look like spongebob
no he ain’t dead? then we dropping two bombs
lookin’ for b*tches but he need a coupon (yeah)
white, diamonds all white
i need bites, that mothaf*ckin’ bite
thief in the night, beefin’ at night
k!llers at night, they with that light
i get so high, i get so clean
she wanna f*ck me cause i am so mean, ha (skrr)

- izaya tiji текст песни